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terça-feira, 30 de abril de 2013

Hello, and welcome to Penguin Elite!
This source was originally created by ZKid (Flappi282) as OpenCP and has been modified to be worked easier by Cooldude170
and fixed to work smoother, and have more features.
So, how do you get this thing up?
1) Replace config.xml config2.xml config3.xml with your information
2) Replace config.php information
3) Install install.sql and edit the table name
4) Upload to a Linux VPS
5) Configure a client
apt-get install screen on ubuntu, yum install screen on CentOS
6) screen php login-server.php
7) screen php game-servers.php
8) Create an account
9) Login
You'll also need to upload log.txt to your root directory on your webserver, and chmod it so nobody can access it. Nothing will be written there, it's just extra safety.
So, what do I need to know about this source?
Well, glad you asked!
The ranks go as so:
1) Member
2) Nothing? wat
3) Mediator
4) Moderator
5) Staff leader
6) Owner
Could I change these?
Yes, but you would have to edit some commands, unless you want ALL of the staff to have !global !accessadd and !reboot etc...
Can this source be ran on Windows?
It could be, but it is not recommended that you host this on your home computer, just in case of a RAM leak.